App works in Expo go app and Simulators but not in Testflight

Hello everyone ! First sorry for my English I’m French.

I created an app with React Native (expo), I’m at the end of the processus, I tested it in Expo app everything worked well, same with simulators (Android and IOS), but when I test it in Testflight my app crashes… It doesn’t crash directly after Splash screen: I can create an account (this is a kind of social network), but when login it crashes. I don’t understand why all is ok in Expo app and Simulators but not in Testflight.

I wish to know what is the problem and so my question is: How to know what is the problem, how to get logs with an app tested in TestFlight.

Let me know if you want to see some code, I will be happy to share what ever you need. Thank you !

Hey @flo.mgls, I would strongly recommend reading through our guide on debugging production issues here.


Thank you for your answer. I finally found where was the problem without this but thank you for a next time :slight_smile:

what solution helped you? kindly share with us.

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