Expo firebase analytics not working in stand alone app

Hi Expo Firebase analytics is not firing any events or session data in my standalone app. I can get it working with web setup in the Expo Go app and can see data coming through in debug view. However when I publish my app no analytics come through. Have created IOS app in Firebase GUI, added GoogleService-Info.plist to the repo and linked in app.json. I don’t get any warnings about Firebase config in terminal. When I comment out the web config to get Firebase working in dev mode I get the following logs in my terminal

Other thing to note is that I am using Firebase storage and am initialising Firebase separately in my App.js file. Maybe there is conflict issue?

Any help appreciated!


Having the same problem here. Did you find a saloution??

Any update on this issue as I am also facing the same problem. @alecampo86 @wlei6277