expo-firebase-analytics throwing error in Expo Go

So I know that Expo Go uses the Javascript implementation of expo-firebase-analytics. I followed the docs and set up the web configuration for Firebase in my app.json. In fact I followed the iOS, Android, and Web sections of this guide to the T.

But when I run the app in Expo Go, I get this error: “[Unhandled promise rejection: Error: Firebase is not configured. Ensure that you have configured ‘GoogleService-Info.plist’ correctly.]”. I figured that this might have something to do with Expo Go not having the google services files linked, but this error is completely clogging up my console. This has led me to think that I messed up somewhere.

Does anyone know if this means that I have done something wrong or if it’s normal?

It’s “normal” Expo Go can’t handle all the firebase stuffs.

But did you download the google-service.json you should found on firebase console while linking your project to an app ?

In addition, if you use it for Analytics you can delete that log using Analytics.setUnavailabilityLogging(false);