Expo firebase analytics is not working on App Store/Play Store.

SDK: 42
“expo-firebase-analytics”: “~4.1.0”,
“expo-firebase-core”: “~3.1.0”


I implemented the firebase analytics expo library to see real-time user actions in my project, and in the emulators the logs work normally.

However, when publishing to the play store/apple store, the logs just stop working… I’ve already reviewed the web configuration of firebase, google-services.json and GoogleService-info.plist and I’m still having this problem.

Ahh, I’ve already tested it with active and inactive debugging and in both cases it doesn’t work when it’s on live

Help me solve this problem,

onStateChange={async () => {
				const previousRouteName = routeNameRef.current;
				const currentRouteName = navigationRef.current.getCurrentRoute().name;

				if (previousRouteName !== currentRouteName) {
					await Analytics.setCurrentScreen(currentRouteName); //doesn't work on live

				routeNameRef.current = currentRouteName;

Thanks @lucas_macedo , I am also experiencing the same error on Expo SDK version 40. I have the web configuration in my app.json as below

 "web": {
      "config": {
        "firebase": {
          "apiKey": "<api-key>",
          "measurementId": "<measurement-id>"

I looked at a StackOverflow question that had the same issue and his answer was to remove the “firebase” property from the config above. I will try implement this and see if it works.

@lucas_macedo , based on the solution I shared above, I still didn’t get the firebase analytics to work.