Expo client crashing - iOS 13 beta?

Hello lovely Expo…

First steps: Expo client crashing on start (latest Beta iOS 13.1(17A5831c)
Any advice to continue…or should I downgrade?
(Im running Beta’s for SwiftUI, but for my new - reasonably sized project targeting December launch - Expo is my choice)

Possibly the same issue as this?

In particular:

cruzach commented 17 hours ago

Thanks for the thorough report (as always) @llamaluvr! Wanted to let you know that we are planning on including this fix in SDK 35 (as noted in the issue referenced above #5494 )

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We just tried this out on our iOS 13 test device, and yes, the Expo Client crashes for us, as well. Looks like the same issue.

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Thanks so much for pointing me to that thread.
I’ll work on backend until SDK 35 :slight_smile:

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SDK 35 has now been released.