Expo CLI does not work as good as before

Using expo-cli v2.5.0

It seems that the Expo CLI fails more often than some time ago.

For instance when run ‘expo start’ while a certain file is not present it keeps on failing even if I add the file in the meanwhile.

Then I have to stop the cli and start it again to make it work again.

Also when I debug remotely the app stays at the splash screen with 100% , when I stop remote debugging it does work, and then I am able to turn on remote debugging again.

Also it seems much slower now.

Sorry to hear about this, @rizzoy. We’ve recently published version 2.6.0. Can you try updating and seeing if this has any affect on the issues you’ve described here?



updated to 2.6.5 today but I seem to have the same issues.
also runned expo start -c

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