Can't log in to expo cli

I’m running my project with expo start and then I press s to sign in. From here expo-cli becomes completely unresponsive. I can’t use the arrow keys to select “Log in…” and I can’t quit with ctrl-c etc.

I’m on Windows. I’ve tried with both cmd and powershell

Any ideas?

Workaround for you: just login before starting project with expo login.

Could you tell us what version of expo-cli are you using?

Ah yes, I was going to post that I’d figured out that workaround :wink:

Version is 2.2.0

Same here. I can log in with the web, but I cant log in with expo-cli .

always show THAT !!!

There is no GET API endpoint at this URL.

The Version is 2.2.5

What OS are you using and with which command are you logging in?

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