Expo Camera - Development Build "This app is missing NSCameraUsageDescription"


I’m using the command expo run:ios to build my app on the phone using Expo’s development build. I am also using the expo-camera component. However, when I navigate to the page with the camera, I get the following error from Expo.

“This app is missing NSCameraUsageDescription, so video services will
fail. Add this entry to your bundle’s Info.plist”

What I’ve tried

I’ve tried adding “NSCameraUsageDescription” as a key in app.json as a child of “ios” > “infoPlist” > “NSCameraUsageDescription.” However, I noticed the Info.plist generated in ios/expo/ still does not contain NSCameraUsageDescription.

I’ve also tried deleting the ios folder and rebuilding the project, but the problem still exists.

Hi @chenxi9649, try adding expo-camera as a plugin in app.json and then add permission as shown in the example here: Config Plugins - Expo Documentation.