Detached App: iOS Missing Info.plist key

When i try to submit to App Store, my detached ios app was rejected by ItunesConnect, because have one or more issues on Info.plist like this photo:

39 PM

So must adding some key manually (below) to Info.plist

	<string>This app requires camera access to run the function properly</string>
	<string>This app requires contacts access to run the function properly</string>
	<string>This app requires microphone access to run the function properly</string>
	<string>This app requires photo library access to run the function properly</string>

And than finally they approved my ios app.
Looks like there’s something missing on ExpoKit / ExpoView Template itself, it should be adding this key automatically.

btw, on that case above, this is my env:

Node: 7.10.0
Expo CLI : 41.0.0
Expo: SDK 17
React Native: SDK 17 (Expo forked)

Even with this env below doesn’t work either :

Node: 8.1.4
Expo CLI : 43.0.0
Expo: SDK 19
React Native: SDK 19 (Expo forked)


Thanks for reporting this! Helpful to know.

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Tracking on your issue you opened

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I am in the same situation as @firdausious:

  1. Detach app
  2. Build and push to App Store
  3. Email notification from App store team that NSContactsUsageDescription, NSCameraUsageDescription etc. is missing in Info.plist

The problem is that I don’t need access neither to the camera nor to contacts. Adding those keys to Info.plist would solve the problem, but as a potential customer installing the app I would be concerned about granting access to contacts, if there is no actual need.

Is there a way of “stripping” out those parts of expo-kit, in order to prevent false negatives from the App Store?

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Same here. Specific permissions that I swear I don’t use are:

Do we have to detach from Expo before submitting our binary to the App Store and Play Store? If not, is there a way to change the descriptions for the permissions normally found in info.plist and submit to the app stores? (I’m a newbie)

Hey @megel,

You can change the descriptions shown for the permission alerts by configuring the infoPlist key in your app.json

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