Expo calendar issue with timeZone on android.

I was working on expo calendar recently. I came across a problem that on ANDROID, whenever I create a new calendar event and change the timeZone of the device, then the event is removed from the calendar.

Here are my configurations:

For calendar:

const newCalendar = {
    title: 'Test',
    entityType: Calendar.EntityTypes.EVENT,
    color: 'red',
      Platform.OS === 'ios' &&
        cal =>
          (cal.source && cal.source.name === CALENDAR_SOURCE_IOS.DEFAULT) ||
          (cal.source && cal.source.name === CALENDAR_SOURCE_IOS.I_CLOUD)
    source: Platform.OS === 'android' && {
      name: calendars.find(cal => cal.accessLevel === Calendar.CalendarAccessLevel.OWNER).source
      isLocalAccount: true,
    name: 'Test',
    accessLevel: Calendar.CalendarAccessLevel.OWNER,
      Platform.OS === 'android' &&
      calendars.find(cal => cal.accessLevel === Calendar.CalendarAccessLevel.OWNER).ownerAccount,Calendar.CalendarAccessLevel.OWNER).ownerAccount,
    allowsModifications: false,
    isVisible: true,

For Event:

const event = {
      title: 'test event',
      startDate: testStartDate,
      endDate: testEndDate,
      location: 'Test location',
      timeZone: Localization.timezone,
      endTimeZone: Localization.timezone,

The behavior on iOS on changing the timezone is: the event date is updated in calendar. (which is the expected behavior).

On Android: On changing the timezone of the device, the event is removed.

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