Cannot get timezone (or any locale) from expo-localization

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version:48
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all):Andriod & iOS, both devices and simulators
  3. Add the appropriate “Tag” based on what Expo library you have a question on.

I am trying to get user’s phone timezone with below code but get undefined:

import { getCalendars, getLocales } from "expo-localization";
const { calendar, timeZone, uses24hourClock, firstWeekday } = getCalendars()[0];

All of these: calendar, timeZone, uses24hourClock, firstWeekday are undefined. Maybe I missed something in the document? It does not seem like I need permission from the users to get locales, and I have install the latest SDK48 and “expo-localization”: “~14.1.1”. Tried it on physcial devices too.

In app.json, a plug-in is added (I think when I install the package):
“plugins”: [“expo-localization” ]

Do I need further plugin for getting locales?

Any ideas on how to fix this? Many thanks!

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