luxon setZone on android

I’m facing the following problem with date time using luxon on android.


(on genymotion simulator. local timezone is, however, -05:00

So, then if I try to set zone, DateTime.local().setZone('America/Los_Angeles'); I get null.

Everything is fine on iOS. I found this thread, but that’s a solution may work for detached app which I don’t want. Anyone have any solution that for non-detached expo app? Thanks

Hey @rajuru,

It looks like in the install guide for luxon it mentions that Android support needs extra steps for use within React Native and said steps require you to use jsc-android-buildscripts which is only possible in an ejected project since you have to modify your .gradle files. Long story short, you will not be able to use Luxon on Android in a standard Expo project.



Hey @adamjnav
Really appreciate your reply. Yes, I understood the problem but as I couldn’t do it myself without detaching I was actually looking for alternative or expo do it. But the more I think, I feel like it’s more of a react native problem than expo. Nevertheless would be great if expo can solve it as the real problem seems Intl support.

So I’m going to see if any alternatives like polyfill as I prefer to keep using luxon (being tired of mutation in moment).


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