Expo Build IOS - taking way too long

My build has be on queue for over 5hrs and when i cancel it provides me with this error - Entity not authorized: BuildJobEntity[34c30b57-d141-45a8-ab9a-deb85b4d899c] (viewer = UserViewerContext[e92cc4b6-1511-4d94-9251-7575db048057], action = UPDATE, ruleIndex = -1)

I see the build, but it’s not assigned to any account, also I don’t see projects with that name on your account. Did you delete that project/app from your account? Can you see that build listed anywhere other than the build page https://expo.dev/accounts/zoleka/projects/PROJECT_NAME/builds/34c30b57-d141-45a8-ab9a-deb85b4d899c ?

@wkozyra I deleted the app from my account. I had to use the company account, however, I can’t create a new build because that build is running, can you delete the app from your side?

build should be canceled now

It failed. Thank you :wink: