Expo build ios enterprise app ipa file failed, command: `exp build:ios -e -c`

Hi all, I have a build ios problem.
I want to build a enterprise app ipa file and I upload p12 and mobileprovision files but build failed.

The cert files I upload is OK so I don’t what wrong with it and I can’t see what error is happen from the logs.

Please help. Thanks. My expo version is 51.4.0.

The build logs as follow.

? Which Team ID to use? 1) XXXXXXX "XXXXXXX" (In-House)
23:48:09 [exp]
WARNING! In this mode, we won't be able to make sure your certificates,
or provisioning profile are valid. Please double check that you're
uploading valid files for your app otherwise you may encounter strange errors!

Make sure you've created your app ID on the developer portal, that your app ID
is in app.json as `bundleIdentifier`, and that the provisioning profile you
upload matches that team ID and app ID.

23:48:09 [exp] Please provide your distribution certificate P12:
? Path to P12 file: /XXXXXXXX/Certificates.p12
? P12 password: [hidden]
23:49:10 [exp] Please provide the path to your push notification cert P12
? Path to P12 file: /XXXXXX/push_Certificates.p12
? P12 password: [hidden]
23:49:32 [exp] Please provide the path to your .mobile provisioning profile
? Path to your .mobile provisioning Profile /XXXXXX/xxxx2018.mobileprovision
building and signing IPA
Executing command: security cms -D -i /private/tmp/turtle/862ca21b-a0cc-40c0-a847-de9eb85d1d4b/provisioning/862ca21b-a0cc-40c0-a847-de9eb85d1d4b.mobileprovision
done retrieving provisioning profile
Checking if teamID is present in keychain and that certificate is valid...
decoding p12 certificate
verifying certificate is installed
Executing command: security find-identity -v -s (XXXXXXXXXX)
confirmed team ID is present in keychain
Chose export method: enterprise
writing export-options.plist file...
building IPA
Executing command: fastlane gym -n unsigned.ipa --workspace /usr/local/turtle-agent/shellAppWorkspaces/ios/default/ExpoKitApp.xcworkspace --scheme ExpoKitApp --archive_path /private/tmp/turtle/862ca21b-a0cc-40c0-a847-de9eb85d1d4b/archive.xcarchive --skip_build_archive true -i 9DCD06C4DAF37FAF7D62DBAD9F86EAB17B49CDCB --export_options /private/tmp/turtle/862ca21b-a0cc-40c0-a847-de9eb85d1d4b/provisioning/export-options.plist --export_method enterprise --export_xcargs OTHER_CODE_SIGN_FLAGS="--keychain /private/tmp/turtle-agent/37fecee6-3cd7-11e8-8a97-0050568eb402.keychain" -o /private/tmp/turtle/862ca21b-a0cc-40c0-a847-de9eb85d1d4b/build --verbose
Unable to generate IPA.
unable to build and sign IPA

Finally I have success build my ipa file.
The reason of build failed is I don’t include my private key in my distribution certificate (When I export the p12 file should select the 2 item and export).


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