Error while trying to create IPA file

When i’m trying to do a build everything looks fine until i run exp build:status and get this error: [exp] iOS: There was an error with this build.

Who can help me?

My Build ID: 65191fbd-d247-48c9-94d1-54062f9bdca2
My Team ID: 74DF6KTNY7

Hi there, it looks like your app’s iOS bundle identifier doesn’t match the one given in the provisioning profile we’re using for signing your binary. Can you try again by either providing a matching provisioning profile, or by letting Expo take care of this? If you’re still running into the issue, you might try just invalidating your existing profiles and starting over.

Hello, Ben.
Thanks for your reply.
I think the problem it was related to the description from app.JSON (i think it was too long).
I just removed and tried again and everything was fine and got the url to the IPA file.