Expo build:android get not valid APK

When a do Expo build:android i get an APK. But when i upload it on play store, i get warning:

  • APK is not optimized, your apk use / gerenate resource unused.

I try a lot of think since few days…

Any idea ?


Hi @sbe- Is this preventing you from uploading? Or is it just a warning?

I’ve the same problem:

The upload is successfully, but the warning doesn’t permit the realese implementation: the button is disabled. See attachements


@sbe @charliecruzan i solve the problem and it’s unrelated to Expo, it was just a warning. I had to complete some checkbox in the secion “Price and Distribution”, after that the button for implement the realese became active.

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it’s not just a warning… i can’t asking for deploy on test alpha / beta / prod…

greate, i will try (and come back to you if it’s still not working)