APK not optilized

Anyone know how to have an optimized APK for android store.
When a try to publish a new APK, i get Warning from the store telling me :
1- need 32 / 64 natif code
2 - you apk containt ressource useless / not used

how to fix that ?


I’ve the same problem with SDK33 and expo-cli 2.20.0

forget to include versions: SDK 32 et expo-cli 2.20.0

do you find a solution ?

Not yet. I think is a problem of the standalone Apk build. I think we should hope on expo team support

i hope cause that the huge probleme…
i have to stop using expo cause to that or there is a solution (eject?)

@sbe i solve the problem and it’s unrelated to Expo, it was just a warning. I had to complete some checkbox in the secion “Price and Distribution”, after that the button for implement the realese became active.

i will check, thx you :ok_hand:

hi :slight_smile:

ya thx now it works cause to a missing image… but stil, i think it was greak to build with android studio without loosing the possibility to use expo :smiley:

thx you all :slight_smile:

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