Help with build android

Hello everyone.
I’m trying to develop an app just for fun (no need to upload this on the various store at the moment)

I developed everything and test in on expo app. Is working fine.
But when i try to install the expo generetaed apk on the phone, after asking me for permission, it doesn’t install it anyway.

It just switch from the screen where i have to choose “install” or “cancell” to the screnn that says “app not installed” without showing anykind of error.

What I have provide you to help you help me?

Thank you for the attention

UPDATE: on an older phone it works properly.

Hey @wildisthestorm,

What device was it not working on? Also, what versions of Android are the two devices running?



I’m not quite sure it was depending on the android version, while it looks like is some kind of permissions. But to be honest I don’t really understand which one. i managed to install the app even on the first phone, but trying to make some friends test the app reproduced the same error. Some of them can install the app some other doesn’t. The quickest way to “fix” this problem is to clean the storage for the phone and re-trying to install the app.

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