Expo app crashes with no error - how to get more info?

For a while now, my app has randomly crashed during development on device (rarely, if ever on simulator). I mostly ignored it until it started happening every 30 seconds or so. It crashes to springboard about 20-40 seconds after the app opens, without fail, each time. It does not seem to be related to any specific action, as it occurs at seemingly random times.

Might be related to this, might not be: Crashing no errors

No errors/log/crash indication show up in XDE. If I was just looking there, it would seem as if the app was still running. How do I find more information or deeper logs about the crash or what may be causing it?

This is the code for my entire app.

Relevant Versions:

iPhone 7+ iOS 11
MacOS High Sierra
XDE 2.22.1
"expo": ^23.0.6
"react": "16.0.0"
“react-native”: “https://github.com/expo/react-native/archive/sdk-23.0.0.tar.gz”,

I used Xode to view my device logs, this is the Expo crash report.


Another: https://gist.github.com/Connorelsea/d4cfc2584c16afbfb1416137adb687e1

Have to analyze them for a bit to see what I can make of them, but hopefully someone on here knows.

The import/repeating part over crashes seems to be this trace.



Do you think you could isolate the problem into a reproducible test case? Like it might be once a certain view hit the screen?

Just cloning the repo and running the app in expo on a physical device (It is not ejected) should reproduce the crashing bug. Also I just did some more tests and found out that this is only happening during development.


  1. Restart XDE project
  2. Run on device over LAN
  3. Crash
  4. Build for production / publish to Expo profile
  5. Run published app from expo profile (exps://exp.host/@connorelsea/remix-native)
  6. No crashes
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Which repo should I clone to try this?

Sorry, thought I had linked the repo. https://github.com/Connorelsea/remix-native

I got an error on device when running on android.
Symbol isn’t defined in scenes/Onboarding/index.js:140

No error message for you is troubling though. How did your phone behave when crashing?

I am having related issue. @nikki Can you please look into it https://github.com/expo/expo/issues/2618

Restarting the device worked for me (Android)

same here, I am trying to create my very first app on react native and for that I saw many videos, tuts and blogs like how to install and run react native app , no matter what i try app runs in the beginning but after some time crashes and then never runs
[ coding in native is easy, but running native app on expo/emulator is so hard]
maybe for this reason people shift from native to flutter caz i am trying so hard and from so long but it just crashes always , feel my irritation of trying hard everytime and not being able to get what I want , tho I am sticked to it with the thought that it will run one day without any crashes and I will do my coding happily , if anyone knows anything please help.
[pardon me for my english, its not my first/second language]. thank you

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Same pinch

@manav_nayak, @faijan

The place to start is here:


If you still have problems, create a new post on the forums and provide as much detail as you can about the problem and what you have discovered while debugging/looking at logs etc.