Expo apk isn't running on my android phone

I created a new expo app and build it to apk and it installed okey on my fon but it’s not working … Tho in development mode it’s working fine …please help I really like expo but I’ve never had any lucky getting it to work even building the boilerplate to an apk won’t work either

Hey @shelz,

I’d recommend reading this guide Debugging - Expo Documentation to get a better grasp on how to debug issues and solve problems you may encounter when developing. Also, when seeking support for issues, it’s best to provide as much relevant information as possible to better equip us to help you out. In this instance, “isn’t running” and “won’t work” are not helpful or insightful but rather generic statements. If a specific error is occurring please provide that, if not, detail the behavior that is occurring to the best of your ability.


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