Expo 41 ITMS-90426

Hi everyone! After I upgrade from SDK 38 to SDK 41, I built an IPA using the following command:

expo build:ios --release-channel production -t archive --dist-p12-path PATH/TO/DIST/12 --team-id TEAMID --provisioning-profile-path PATH/TO/MOBILE/PROVISION

After I delivered it with transporter, I got this email:

ITMS-90426: Invalid Swift Support - The SwiftSupport folder is missing. Rebuild your app using the current public (GM) version of Xcode and resubmit it.


I have the last version of transporter and Xcode, any idea?

maybe you are using wrong provisioning profile

In my case was because I was using an Adhoc provisioning profile instead of a production one when I was trying to deploy to the App Store Connect.

When I used Adhoc provisioning profile the size of the IPA is around 35mb, but when I built with the “correct” provisioning profile it size is more than 210mb.

Maybe I need a new provisioning profile?

this is correct behaviour, you can’t upload to app store ipa that is signed using ad-hoc provisioning profile

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