Eas IOS build error: ITMS-90433: Invalid Swift Support

App Store connect rejected building of a new app and showed this error
ITMS-90433: Invalid Swift Support - The file libswiftAVFoundation.dylib doesn’t have the correct code signature. Make sure you’re using the correct signature, rebuild your app using the current public (GM) version of Xcode, and resubmit it. Don’t just modify the code signature of libswiftAVFoundation.dylib.

Since I used Eas Expo I assume there is something wrong with expo and or my code itself since I did not use Xcode.

Hi @joeydegori

This can happen if you submit a development or preview version instead of a production version.

Did you find a solution to this? We are facing the same issue, and our build was not a development or preview version (double checked this in the Expo dashboard).

Could you post the definition of the build profile you used from eas.json?

Here is the build and submit profile (production). We were able to successfully submit to the app store 2 weeks ago with this exact profile.

    "cli": {
      "version": ">= 0.34.0"
    "build": {
      "production": {
        "env": {
    "submit": {
      "production": {
        "android": {
          "track": "internal"
        "ios": {
          "appleTeamId": "...",
          "companyName": "..."

Reverting to eas-cli@0.60.0 seems to have solved our issue.

Expo support also mentioned to set our eas.json to use the “latest” build image for iOS by setting ios.image under the desired build profile to “latest” (see more info here: Build schema for eas.json - Expo Documentation). We did not try this yet.

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Strange. Thanks for following up.

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