Experience needs permissions popup box display on first run when standalone app upgrade from sdk 32 to 33 in ios.

I’m tring upgrade my app from sdk 32 to 33 on ios.
On the first run after upgrade.got a distressing popup box.
‘Experience needs permissions. You’ve granted permission to another expo experience’
But I doing upgrade process on older version,these NEVER happen.
So, I think,maybe it’s a new bug in sdk33?
and,How to get rid off the popup box?

Hey there.

I have exactly the same problem on my side after upgrading expo and build a new IOS build.
I didn’t find a solution yet. It seems the message appears after people upgrading their app from sdk 32 to sdk 33. A person which install directly in 33, the message didn’t appear. I didn’t found the bug yet on 33 directly.

This happens to me after upgrading SDK v32 to v33 only at iOS expo client. Does not happen at standalone app.

I got the same thing after upgrading to a new SDK 33 standalone build via TestFlight.

The only changes to my app.json were the usual: sdkVersion, version, and buildNumber.

I did use -c to have Expo generate a new dist cert, prov profile, and push notification key as part of this build. Could that have something to do with it?

Even if new user action is required, this message is using ‘Expo’ language that an end user should never see.

Are real world users who update going to see this? Is there any way to address this?

I discovered my notification registration code was not checking Permissions.getAsync before calling Permissions.askAsync which seems to cause this prompt in SDK 33.

Changing my permission check logic to what’s in the current docs fixed the issue for me.

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