Not able to show iOS ratings popup in iOS Standalone build

On iOS, I’m trying to call Expo.StoreReview.requestReview() in a stand alone app (Enterprise) and the popup is not coming up. This works perfectly fine in the iOS Simulator.

In the iOS device settings, I confirmed that In App Ratings is indeed enabled. Is there something else I’m forgetting or does this not work for Enterprise builds?

Hey @trinet,

Are you on SDK32? I’m curious if the import might be an issue here seeing as you can no longer import the entire Expo package unless you call import * as Expo from 'expo'.


Hi adam,

We’re currently on Expo SDK 30.

I will give this thing another shot


If you’re on SDK30, you’re still able to import as you are so that shouldn’t be an issue. Only as of SDK32 did we change import requirements as described in this blog post:

We’ve removed the deprecated default exports from the expo package as well as certain individual modules. You’ll need to replace any usage of import Expo from 'expo'; with destructured imports (import { ... } from 'expo';) and import only the modules you need. If you’d like to import all modules, use import * as Expo from 'expo';.

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