Error with sdk 46.0.0 on android device with newly installed Expo Go

My situation is as follows:

  1. SDK Version: 46.0.0
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android
  3. Add the appropriate “Tag” based on what Expo library you have a question on: no clue.

I’ve just signed up at and installed the Expo Go app on my android phone (Xiaomi Redmi Note 5). At the time there are no updates for the phone’s OS. Custom firmware wasn’t installed as well.
Now I’m trying to launch standart Hello World from official React Native Introduction (Introduction · React Native).

Sadly, instead of “Hello World” message I see this:

The snack “@snack/sdk.46.0.0-peNxQR0YAV” was found, but wasn’t released for platform “android” and sdk version “46.0.0”

And it seems there is not much I can try out to get rid of this error.
So here is a logic question: How should I get rid of it?

Hi @diamondex

According to the Expo SDK 46 release announcement, the latest version of the Expo Go app is in review:

Note: Expo Go for Android with support for SDK 46 is not yet live on the Google Play Store — it is currently in review and expected to be released soon. You can install the latest Expo Go by downloading the APK directly or connecting your device to your computer and letting Expo CLI install it when you launch your project.

I suspect that is why you’re getting that error.

You could also try switching the snack to SDK 45 at the bottom right of the snack editor.

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That is actually not in the phone. And that’s what people forget to mention. So to make it clear to other wondering people, i’ll clarify it myself. When you read documentation and see a code example block, you should first switch to the full-window editing mode using the second button of the code example block caption
next to the example title. After you will get to the full-window editing mode, you should see there the dropdown menu in the right bottom corner where you should choose another version of sdk (45.0.0 in my case)

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