Entry point App.js/App.tsx is missing from Router V2 boilerplate project

Is there any specific reason App.tsx is missing from the expo router V2 boilerplate project? It would be nice to add paragraph in the documentation on how to initialize the App.tsx.

Hi @nikita58

I have not used expo-router before, but I have just briefly tried the template now. The app works without an App.tsx. In package.json there is a main entry defined like this:

so it seems that loads whatever is needed to allow the files in app/ to be used for the different tabs/screens/etc.

So I think you might not be asking the right question :slight_smile:

Why is it that you want an App.tsx?

That’s a good point. I think my issue/desire to find the entry point file started with trying to follow Clerk authentication tutorial where they use App.tsx to wrap the whole app in their authentication component. But i think you’re right - its can by design that expo with router v2 has this "main": "expo-router/entry" and misses the App.tsx file, and just mounts the navigation files. I will find a different top most place to wrap everything with Authentication component.

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I think this might be what you’re looking for:

Ahh yep yep, that’s exactly it. Looks like my suspicion was right and using these _layout files is the way to go. Thank you!

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