Can't use electron out-of-the-box with Expo.

Hi guys,

I’m trying to setup expo with electron with the latest release of expo.

I’ve followed these steps :

But it won’t start due to :

┏ Renderer -------------------

  Error: Cannot find entry file index.ts (or main.ts, or app.ts, or index.js, or main.js, or app.js)
      at computeEntryFile (/home/x/Clones/test/node_modules/electron-webpack/src/main.ts:389:11)
      at WebpackConfigurator.configure (/home/x/Clones/test/node_modules/electron-webpack/src/main.ts:222:29)
      at configure (/home/x/Clones/test/node_modules/electron-webpack/src/main.ts:376:10)

┗ ----------------------------

I know the easy workaround would be to add a index.js file but it’s never mentioned to create one in the docs nor in the examples.

Someone have any idea?

SDK Version: 36
Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): All

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