EAS Updates Usage by Project

I have a series Expo managed apps that I work with. I recently swapped them over to use EAS Updates, replacing Classic updates.

Each app resides within the same Expo account as an individual project.

Right now, I can only find a way to view EAS Update usage for the entire account. As a consultant, I’d like to know which apps are consuming the most updates.

Is it possible to view EAS Update usage by project in addition to account?

Hi! I don’t believe it’s currently possible, but it’s an interesting idea, and I forwarded it along to the EAS Update team.

In the meantime, if you’re using an analytics system like Amplitude or Firebase Analytics, EAS Updates usage (monthly updaters) would likely generally correlate strongly with unique installs launching the app within the same period of time, as users would usually download an update after launch. The possible exception might be if you deploy a store update in the same window, e.g., if you publish an update on Monday and then submit a store update on Friday, someone who installs the app on Friday is a unique install launching the app, but not an updater.