EAS Update free tier 1000 updaters not working after monthly reset

Hi Folks,

I have a question here regarding EAS update my application already reach the 1000 first updaters last month. However, if I read the documentation from Expo the EAS Update quota will be reset monthly. The question is why my application still facing this error even though there are no updaters and the quota just reset from Expo?


Have you guys facing the same issue like me?

What is the name of your Expo account?

Hi @ide its ismart-expo, thanks for asking.

Thanks, we’ll take a look to see if we can’t figure out what’s going on.

Your account usage this month so far comfortably fits in the Free plan. Best I can tell, you shouldn’t be seeing that error message. Are you still getting this error?

In your project’s app.json/app.config.js file, there’s a section that looks like “updates” => “url”. The URL looks like https://u.expo.dev/ – does that ID match your project’s ID show on its “Overview” page on the Expo website?

There can be delays in resetting and enacting the Free plan limit. Depending on your time zone and how long it takes to do some internal usage calculations, your Free plan usage will reset +/- 12 hours around the 1st of each month. And when your usage exceeds the Free plan there can be a modest delay due to caching before the limit is enacted. Let us know if you see this issue happen again.

Hi @ide, ahh it is make sense and the issue has been solved, thanks for the prompt response!

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