EAS submit ios successful but not in AppStoreConnect

Hi! Expo guys

Currently I’m both building and submitting my app with EAS, so it says that both of them are successful , but when the build is submitted it appears like this on the App Store Connect…

And after 5 minutes doesn’t appear

eas-cli/0.42.4 darwin-x64 node-v14.18.2

I configured the credentials.json to be local and the eas.json submit node to reflect the info of my app

Also, when builded with the expo build command I can submitted without problems

But due to the use of @stripe/stripe-react-native I need to use EAS or if you know a work around it would be awesome

you just need to wait. this is in the app store’s control at this point and it can take some time for it to show up

Does the build take weeks on been processed?

And, using EAS to submit to the store, whenever the build disappears (after 5 minutes) I can upload any build with the same version and “buildNumber” without the error of duplication been prompt

Can you provide link to the submit page or account name + slug?

accountName: alleenmx
slug: alleen-mobile