Ios build + Upload Succeeding, no new package in app store


I’m using eas cli and running eas build -p ios --profile production --non-interactive --auto-submit --no-wait

I’ve run this locally and from github actions, in both

I’ve been able to build and submit in the past for this project.

V1.3.2 build 1 actually did arrive in the apple store on wednesday.
Since, (1.3.2, build 2) has not yet showed up.

I’m wondering what area to look into to solve this?

cases same result.

All your ios submits from past 1-2 days either failed or were canceled. You can check why by looking at the logs in the submission page. You can find them by opening submission tab on the left or from the build page via Options -> View Submission dropdown.

Thanks, I’ve now found the submissions section. There’s something a bit out of alignment in the results. I’ll look into it and post back.

I can see at least one rejection for the reason of duplicate build number, though I certainly created other builds since, which were showing as build 2.