EAS Submit for iOS uploads app to Test Flight

Running EAS Submit for iOS will submit my app straight to Test Flight rather than to the App Store itself. I know for Android there is an option that allows you to submit the app to various tracks, like beta or production. Is there a way to do that for iOS as well or does every app have to go through Test Flight?

My team is trying to do a fully automated CI/CD workflow so that, just as an example, we may submit the app to Test Flight when we open a PR in github and we submit it to production when we close it. But so far it only submits to Test Flight.

Thanks for any help!

hi there! EAS Submit currently just uploads the app to the app store, which you can then push through to testflight internal or external beta or to the app store through the app store connect website. we plan to support automating beyond this in the future, but it’s not within the scope of available features yet. this will require support for adding metadata and so on. you can use fastlane deliver to push a build from testflight to prod though: appstore - fastlane docs


Ahhh, got it. I thought as much. Thanks so much for confirming it!


Thanks a lot for update and quick reply, Looking for same question, Really appreciate for help.