iOS build from ejected app is not appearing in App Store

I’ve been running a project on the managed workflow, and have EAS Build + Submit working on Github Actions just perfectly. Apps are built, submitted, and show up in TestFlight and Android Internal Test no problem. :white_check_mark:

To add a new feature, I need to eject to bare workflow, so I have a working branch where the apps are building and running on iOS, both in the dev env and via EAS Build. The EAS Submit action appears to be successful; but the app never shows up in TestFlight. I’ve stepped through the build + submit actions and compared them line-by-line to the working builds from before, and can’t find any meaningful difference. I’ve also looked at the build reference docs and submit to Apple docs to see if I might be missing some config needed for bare workflow, but haven’t found anything. Anyone else run into this?

In case anyone else runs into this, it was because we were missing some purpose strings in the Info.plist file – we weren’t getting the automated emails from App Store Connect about this, perhaps because EAS is swallowing those up? Investigating that now, but anyways this issue is resolved.

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I don’t think EAS can interfere with those at all. Any e-mails from Apple should be sent directly to whatever e-mail address you have registered with them.

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