EAS ignore gitignore?

I just upgraded to v48 from v44 and am finding myself using EAS and after a lot of troubleshooting I realized .gitignore is getting respected by EAS.

I use a workflow to build multiple apps from the same project and this invalidates a lot of my config handling (I pretty much build my app.json and other files on the fly pre build). Committing these files would be highly cumbersome as they change with each back and forth based on what is getting built.

Im wondering if there’s a way for me to omit the gitignore… It frankly seems like an odd design decision to force this on people.

I’ve been using expo build:ios -t archive before with no issues on v44.

Hi @ajkp

If you create a .easignore then EAS Build will use that instead of .gitignore.

But have you considered using app.config.js and an environment variable for your dynamic config?

@wodin - thanks for saving the day =)

Yeah I’ve looked recently into using app.config.js - may do it one day. Though I still have a bunch of other files that need changing (like themes, assets, data, etc)

I’m not sure how best to handle things like assets, data, etc. But I suppose off the top of my head, one way to do it might be to use the eas-build-pre-install Build lifecycle hook to rename one or more directories before building.

Yeah that could be something worth looking into. Would have to look at separate hooks for running locally too though and those would create files locally.

I think managing everything by myself has served me well, so I’ll prob stick to this for now. Thanks for the .easignore.