EAS trying to upload entire repo when building

  • Whether you are bare or managed workflow - Managed
  • Your eas-cli version - 0.47.0

We have an existing Github repo that contains backend code for our application. We added the React-App folder as a sub folder in this repo which contains all our react code. When we go to build (eas build) our entire repo is uploaded every time which takes a while when it should only be uploading the folder our react code lives. Is there a way to specify to eas build that it should only be uploading a particular folder and not the whole repo?

I recommend keeping that separate, but you can add .easignore in root of the repo and add their stuff you don’t want to upload (plus whatever you have in gitignore)

note that if easignore is present non of the gitignore files are respected(including in subdirectories) and easignore can only be palced in the root directory


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