EAS requires a Git repo?

I tried eas build:configure, but it fails with:

Error: A git repository is required for building your project. Initialize it and run this command again.

Why is a Git repo mandatory? I’m using a different VCS.

Is there a workaround?

at the moment it is required, we use git to archive the project and upload it – this way we know which files to include or exclude (by leveraging gitignore). what vcs do you use?

here is the related code: eas-cli/repository.ts at db0b6bfcf5ad330e1c8b19072d3377d272360af1 · expo/eas-cli · GitHub

I use Subversion.

as a workaround, you can init git repo and ignore .git directory in subversion, but you might also need to add .gitignore files to ignore all the stuff you ignore in subversion(node_modules, build directories in android/ios directories …), otherwise, archive with the project might be too big to upload to server

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I gave up on EAS because of this.

Currently trying to build an automated build workflow with expo prebuild.

I assume I’m somewhat replicating what you do on in the EAS service.

yup it’s very similar. we’re going to add subversion support before we leave preview status, but at the moment we’re in feature preview still and so not everything is fully baked. until then, i think @wkozyra’s suggestion should work - add .git to your ignore for subversion.

Don’t worry about subversion support because of me, I actually prefer going the expo prebuild route now.

I bought a mac-mini for the build pipeline, and it forced me (allowed me) to learn about XCode project and workspace configuration files, and xcodebuild for command line.

I’m constantly generating template projects and ejecting or prebuilding them to see what gets generated.

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