EAS Build : Project archive is too big. Maximum allowed size is 2GB.

eas-cli version 4.1.1
I build my app and got this error. What is its solution?
Screenshot 2566-08-11 at 15.35.45

Hi @reaw

eas-cli is probably not correctly detecting the root of your project. If this happens it can try to upload your whole home directory, for example.

As it says at the link in the error message:

You can run eas build:inspect --platform [ios|android] --stage archive --output ~/target/output/path --profile production and inspect the output directory (in this case ~/target/output/path) to see which files are included.

So, try running the command (but specify an appropriate output directory instead of ~/target/output/path). Then check what it’s trying to upload.

It might be that you have no .git directory in your project, but you do in your home directory. Or maybe you have a package.json in your home directory etc.

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