Project archive size

Hello i am having an issue with building app for ANDROID. I want to test my apk on my own device.
the build always fail with this error and warning :

Your project archive is 2.2 GB. You can reduce its size and the time it takes to upload by excluding files that are unnecessary for the build process in .easignore file. Learn more: fyi/ at main · expo/fyi · GitHub
× Uploading to EAS Build (2.2 GB / 2.2 GB)
Request failed: 400 (Bad Request)
Error: build command failed.

how the hell my stupid dummy project could reach 2.2gb?

here is my eas.json :
“cli”: {
“version”: “>= 3.12.0”
“build”: {
“development”: {
“developmentClient”: true,
“distribution”: “internal”
“preview”: {
“android”: {
“buildType”: “apk”
“preview2”: {
“android”: {
“gradleCommand”: “:app:assembleRelease”
“preview3”: {
“developmentClient”: true
“production”: {}
“submit”: {
“production”: {}

the .easignore to reduce ignore some files/modules:

i hope someone can help me to solve this issue =)

Hi @luke34

The link in the warning has some information about how to check what is being uploaded.

Try running the eas build:inspect ... command mentioned in the “What files are included in the archive?” section. That should tell you what’s being uploaded, and you will probably know what to do based on that.

Hi @wodin

thank you for your answer. I tried it later then it work. Don’t know why… probably eas server was overhelmed or something like…

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