EAS build: Invalid username and password combination

I am using Expo Application Services, i have configured my build, and now I am attempting to build the project itself for IOS. I am asked for my Apple Credentials and I supply them, I am then given back an error stating ‘Invalid username and password combination’. I know for a fact that my credentials are correct, I went on to Apple and signed in with them. I have tried multiple times, and continue to get the same error. I signed up for EAS, and was led to believe that there was actual support, but it seems the forum is my only recourse. Thanks in advance for any help.

hi there! have you enabled 2fa? have you entered a phone number for 2fa into apple?

Yes, do I need to turn it off?

no - apple requires 2fa. we have had intermittent reports of users having trouble authenticating with apple but nothing that we have been able to reproduce. in some cases, users reported that they had a $ in their password and when they changed it to remove it, it worked for them, however we cannot reproduce this.

It was the $ sign. Thanks.

are you using windows by any chance?

Any chance people are putting the password into an environment variable? If so they should quote the password with single quotes to avoid $something being expanded by the shell.

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