Apple ID Authentication — Cannot login with two factor authentication Apple ID

Two-factor authentication is not working when trying to log in from CLI (v6.2.1). 2FA works fine at One thing I’ve noticed that I think holds the key to this issue is that when I try to login in using the CLI I receive an apple call in English, but when I go directly to the apple website the call is in my local language (Spanish).

I’ve called to apple support and they insist it is an expo issue and they cannot help.

🍎 iOS build
✔ Using remote iOS credentials (Expo server)

If you provide your Apple account credentials we will be able to generate all necessary build credentials and fully validate them.
This is optional, but without Apple account access you will need to provide all the missing values manually and we can only run minimal validation on them.
✔ Do you want to log in to your Apple account? … yes

› Log in to your Apple Developer account to continue
✔ Apple ID: …
› Restoring session /Users/username/.app-store/auth/
› Session expired Local session
› Using password for from your local Keychain
  Learn more
✔ Logged in, verify your Apple account to continue
Two-factor Authentication (6 digit code) is enabled for Learn more:

✔ Please enter the 6 digit code you received at +52 •• •••• ••12: … 123456
✖ Invalid code
Two-factor Authentication (6 digit code) is enabled for Learn more:

Hi @yolandaribas

I’m not sure you’re having the same problem, but there was a problem with logging into Apple that was fixed around an hour ago. Maybe your issue is related.

Can you try upgrading to eas-cli version 3.5.2?

The following should do it:

npm install -g eas-cli

Then check the version with eas --version