EAS Build failed: Read app config - define is not defined


I’m building app with eas build --platform ios and get the following error

Read app config
define is not defined

I have no idea to resole it. This happend on both Android and IOS build

  • Whether you are bare or managed workflow: Managed Workflow
  • Your eas-cli version: 0.32.0
  • What you have tried so far:
  1. I rolled back to source code of last success build but it still failed in this step
  2. I tried to run expo run:ios and expo prebuild before building.
  3. I tried to build many times outside of maintenance hour.
  4. I tried to build with both android and iOS platform.

Hope someone can help.

hi there!

can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing?

how do you have eas-cli installed? are you using a global install with npm? or yarn?