EAS build different App behavior then Expo build

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  1. SDK Version: 43
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android
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I’m developing a cab booking app ( rider app / driver app ).

It’s been developed since expo SDK 38 , managed workflow .

The main things I use for the app are :

1- background location.
2- push notifications .

-The background location has always crashed my app until SDK 42 . But again on SDK 43 which doesn’t make sense.

  • push notifications response not firing when app is killed since SDK 38 , sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t , couldn’t figure it out.

The thing is that I’ve waited for SDK 43 to fix a bug related to Image picker that restarted the application upon selecting an image.

As soon as I upgraded to SDK 43 I noticed crashing again on background location , giving me no choice but downgrade to SDK 42 .

I thought that expo build is being deprecated so all the focus is on EAS build. So I gave it a try :

I noticed many differences on my builds , to name few :

  • background notification response worked finally but sometimes not .

  • Lot of display bugs , black squares covering the navigator .

  • App launch Is a little weird .

  • closing and launching the app immediately ignores splash screen.

Without digging much more I went back to expo build : SDK 42 .

So I couldn’t benefit from reducing my app size as well as fixing my previously mentioned issues .

Why does EAS build behave differently ?
And why don’t you expend Beta Period to make sure things go right .

Hey @islam01, sorry to hear you’ve had a frustrating experience so far with EAS. That’s far from the experience we are aiming to provide. While it may not be in beta, EAS is still in the “Feature Preview” phase so we’re continuing to iron out some kinks.

Would you be able to provide a public repo that contains a minimal reproduction case of this? Being able to clone the repo and test the differences between expo and eas builds will be extremely helpful.


Thanks for your reply ,

I’ll try to do that , give me some time , my project is a little big , i’ll try to minimize it into a demo .



Here Is a confirmed issue on EAS BUILD


Thank you