Doubt with expo or onesignal notifications

I’m developing a delivery app and I have a question about notifications. I am currently using the expo notification api.

With a lot of requests? Would it present problems?
Can I easily replace onesignal with the expo api?

Is there any reason why I would be forced to use services like Onesignal or firebase?

Hey @andersonqi,

The Expo Notifs service should be able to handle a large amount of traffic but for clarity’s sake, how many requests are you talking? It’s suggested to send batches of notifs at a time to reduce the amount of requests as well.

There is some functionality available in OneSignal that is not present with Expo’s Push Notif API so I would make sure you don’t rely on said functionality before switching over.



Thanks @adamjnav

I think 50k - 250k per day and can be increasing.

The important thing is that notifications will not be sent to all users at the same time. I think of that number adding all the requests.


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