Expo Push Notifications

  1. You can send as many as you like for free. We plan to always make sending push notifications free.

  2. If you want to send more than 1 million per day, give us a head’s up. It shouldn’t be a problem but this will let us keep an eye on things.

  3. If you really want to use something like OneSignal or Firebase notifications, you can but you have to eject and add the code in yourself.

  4. You can use Expo push notifications in production. A lot of people do already and it works pretty well. We have close to 100% uptime over the last few months.

This is all great, thank you.

One question though: according to the docs, the app is not aware of push notifications if they are:

  1. dismissed
  2. the app is backgrounded or closed

Will this use case be addressed in the future?

In general, yes, we want to add every feature like this that people want that the underlying OS exposes.

We don’t have a timeline for adding support for these particular things right now.

If you have a need for them, add them or vote on support for those features here:

Do you need these for something you’re building? Or just curious?

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I’m building an app that requires notification handling in the background and when closed. It would be helpful if the app were aware of these notifications even when dismissed.

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in general, we’re soon working on support for background tasks but it will take a few months probably before we complete that.

Any update about the support for background tasks ?