Expo Push App Rate limit

Message Rate Limit

Does anyone know what is recommended frequency to call expo services in general? We wouldn’t spam a specific user, but we could be calling expo push services quite frequently. Curious if there is an app rate limit.

hey @qmitchell, afaik we dont currently have a limit enforced. How many requests were you looking to send?

ok thanks. We are targetting 100K users by end of year, and each user might get 5 - 20 notifications a day.

Curious how much we can hit Expo without killing it. We are a business focused app, so I’d like to ask about the stability of expo notifications before relying on them as a company. Any rule of thumbs you can share / advise? Thanks!

this is a reasonable load that our servers are able to handle. At some point, we’ll probably start charging for the $/request it takes to run our services when the resource use becomes large, at cost. The goal wont be to profit from our notifications service, but to make sure that our notifications service is run sustainably.

Ok thanks. Would be happy to pay and would be happy for Expo to turn a profit in turn for some SLA.

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