Does Expo notifications package work with FCM service?

Hello community!

I’m using SDK 45, Managed worklow. and I’m building an app for Android and iOS, both.

This is an urgent question:
My team has implemented notification process using FCM directly (without Expo push notif API), as FCM provides a wide range of features and can even deal with APNs (Apple push notif service) implicitly.

In addition, we used expo-notifications package to get the unique device token in iOS and Android in an easy way.

So far, we tried it on native build Android only and soon we’re going to try it on iOS. I’d like to verify something here please. When I read the docs the following:

Note that FCM is not currently available for expo-notifications on iOS.

does it means that we cannot continue with FCM on iOS and expo-notifications?! I mean maybe the doc is outdated or there is a way out.

:pray: please help

Hey @iga-frg,

The note stands since FCM is not currently available for expo-notifications on iOS. You will still have to use FCM for Android as its still a requirement. For more information on FCM on Android, please see: Using FCM for Push Notifications - Expo Documentation

For iOS, if you are using EAS Build, EAS Build will take care of push notification credentials automatically when you run the build. For more info, please see this section: Push Notifications Setup - Expo Documentation

Hi @amanhimself !

Hmm well I’m just asking about iOS, as everything looks fine on Android. And so far we didn’t make any tries on iOS. That’s why I’m asking.

So finally, we must switch to Expo push notification REST API in order to use expo-notifications for both OS right ?

Yeah, I read that you mentioned about Android successfully working. I was just trying to clarify any doubts related to notes.

If you want to switch to REST API you will still have to create credentials for both OS.

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