Confused in two documents on Notification

Hello experts,

I am new to react-native as well expo.

My use case is I want to send push notification to the app when some data changes in my firebase.

I followed instructions here which tells this is supported for both android and iOS devices. It works well on both android and iOS expo client (but not simulator)

I also added expo-server-sdk in a Cloud Function to send notifications.

Then I build iOS app through expo and try on device which after uploading my server key to expo can deliver the notifications.

Then suddenly I came across another document here which says FCM is not available on iOS device.

This confuses me now. As a rookie, I am sure I am missing some basics. Could anyone help me to understand the concept a bit better and also confirm whether this will work with iOS standalone app or not?

Thanks in advance

Hi! these are our comprehensive notifications docs. To answer your question- the Expo notification services relies on FCM for android notifications, and APNs (apple push notification service) for ios notifications. As long as you can run any code in your cloud functions, your use case should still be perfectly doable :+1:


Thanks @charliecruzan for the explanation. It’s working with standalone apple app.

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