Need we setup FCM even we use expo push notification?

We are using the expo push service, the document is here

I am get confused, the question is:
if I use the latest expo push service, need I setup the FCM for android?

now when test on development locally, the ios expo Client is able to get the notification, but android never do.

also the document miss some links.

If you’re not testing in the Expo client app, make sure you’ve generated the proper push credentials before proceeding! If you haven’t, push notifications will not work.

Sorry about the dead link, but in the “setup” page for push notifications, we state that you need to generate credentials even if you use the Expo push service- Push notifications setup - Expo Documentation

For Android, both managed and bare workflow users need to follow our FCM setup guide, it should only take about 5 minutes.

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Fix for the links is incoming :slight_smile: thanks for pointing that out

Thank you.

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