Development completed...Whats next?

I will be completing the code for app shortly.
Are there any guidelines/links for the below

a) How to package the app and submit to Apple for review ?

b) When the app starts up there will be a delay of about 5 secs (which is common) before the actual UI elements appear. I would like to show an image during that time (similar to Gmail app) . Any ideas as to how to do that ?

c) In general I would appreciate any “post development to submission” resources for Expo.

It has been a wonderful experience developing my app in Expo. As a beginner to React Native, it took me about 2-3 months from start (learning RN took a while) till now.

Thanks a lot Expo folks !!!

Congrats on getting your app ready for the App Stores, but development never really ends!. :sweat_smile:



Hope those links help!