Developing for iOS and Android using windows


I am new to CRNA, how can I develop for both platforms on my windows laptop?

I can use an Android device/ emulator fine on my machine, but how can I develop for iOS? I dont have an iOS device to use with Expo, is there a way I can use an iOS emulator on windows?

Or… can I develop for Android using a mac?

How do you guys do it? What is the best workflow?

Hey @mharrisweb,

You can develop for Android on a Mac OS. As for testing iOS on Windows, there isn’t a great solution for in-depth testing but leveraging something like could offer you some testing ability but it won’t be very reliable for testing things like gestures or animations.

There are some links mentioned in this forum post (iOS Emulator for Windows) that may be worth looking at but I can’t personally vouch for any of them.



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